Thursday, 23 August 2012

Rookie Camp: Day 1 Observations

Team Voytechek (Blue) vs Team Chapman (Burgundy)
Victoria Royals Rookie Camp got underway today at the SOFMC, with 8 teams taking the ice.  There were solid hits, some quick hands and few whistles.  Ice times start at 8am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with reassignments occuring throughout the morning and afternoon on Sunday August 26th. 

Some observations:

#33 G Markus Daly

Victoria born netminder Markus Daly with Burgandy (Team Chapman) made some tight saves in close in the game against Blue (Team Voytechek).

#9 F Kyler Magnus '96 made an nice inside out move on a one on one, but failed to score.

Between the pipes for Grey (Team Grant) was #34 Alex Kong '97 who flashed the leather on numerous occasions, while denying Adam Wowryk '96 on Gold (Team Holden) on a breakaway.

For Gold #9 F Chase Bell '97 scored by burying a rebound, #3 D Cody George Verge '97 was physical in front, knocking a man down - he also unleashed a hard low slapper from the point.  #18 F Luc Soares '96 showed some great playmaking abilities with several long tape to tape passes on one shift.  #8 F Keith Anderson '97 can sure move for a big man.
#4 Joe Hicketts & #12 Adam Wowryk in Gold vs Grey warmup
#4 D Joe Hicketts on Gold, the Royals first round pick in 2011 glided smoothly and picked his spots.  He settled down a pass at the point and released a quick, hard slapper, but missed.  Hicketts was admirable in his own end, boxing out forwards and making shifty turns to elude attackers.  He also took down Grey #17 F Kelly Knudtson '96 in front his net.

Grey vs Gold
For Grey #15 F Reid Marshall '96, was dangerous and slippery in the offensive zone.  #16 F Hunter Atchison '96 showed his knowledge of the game by anticipating and intercepting a pass which lead to a goal.

#39 G Blade Roh steadies for a shot in Blue vs Burgandy
#39 G Blade Roh focusses on the play for Blue.
Team Blue celebrates a goal.

Team Grey led by #12 Braden Pearce heads to the ice.
#50 G Michael Herringer watches Blue vs Burgandy from the bench.